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Over the summer 2015 I took a mould making class at the University of Regina with Troy Coulterman. I learned how to make plaster and silicon moulds. The waste mould project developed into "Powder Blue" the first sculpture in the "Glancing Blows" series.


This sculpture combines a hand-made object with a piece of man-made funiture. It focuses on the competition for resources between nature and humanity.


"Powder Blue" hydrocal, wood and acrylic paint  2015
13 x 15 x 38"

starting with an armature and clay


my first time sculpting a large 3D object in clay

Dividing the clay model with aluminum, into what will become a 5 part mould

The clay object is then covered in plaster (first layer tinted to help when removing the cast object). 

After a number of layers are set it is broken apart and clay and armature are removed.


Then the pieces are put back together and sealed with more plaster - then hydrocal is poured in


The waste mould is chipped away (destroyed)revealing the hydro-cal positve, a one of a kind. 



Completed sculpture.

Installed work at "Function to Fantasy" at Slate Gallery September 2015 in Regina, SK


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