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bg_31781391994869.jpgRomantic Traffic I. Monoprint. 2014

60 x 82cm


Romantic Traffic VII. Monoprint. 2014

68 x 102 cm


Romantic Traffic VI. Monoprint. 2014 71 x 102 cm

Over the weekend Gordan and I worked on a series of "Romantic Traffic" monoprints.  Gordan printed three different geese images over my variable monoprint backgrounds. Below are images from the first day of printing.


bg_31741391993539.jpgGordan touches up the screen.

bg_31751391993577.jpgI inked up a large sheet of plexiglass with the soft colourful ink backgrounds (leaving space for the geese to be screen printed over the backgrounds).


bg_31761391993939.jpgGordan pulls the monoprint backgrounds.


bg_31771391994006.jpgThen the screenprinted geese are printed over the monoprinted backgrounds.


bg_31791391995033.jpgPrint dries on the racks


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