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I spent a number of days over Canada Day long weekend sweating it out in my summer studio. Over the last two weeks I have been playing around with graphite and acrylic on birch panel. Last week I transfered a number of drawings onto seven brand new shiny birch panels. I was ready to begin the new series.


This work is influenced by my drives south east to my parent's house at Thomson Lake. Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed watching the wildlife on the two hour journey. As I sped by hundreds of telephone and power lines I often catch glimses of a variety of birds; owls, sparrows, crows, magpies, and blackbirds to just to name a few. These works have grown out of that experience.


This snowy owl was an experiement to explore how graphite and acrylic works directly on the birch panels.


I had an unexpected desire to work with bright colours. The combining of constructed architectural forms and birds seemed to me to lend itself to bright colours.


This wee grackle has become part of the structure. This work is still in progress. 



Chipping Sparrows in progress


detail of Chipping Sparrows in progress

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