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installation underway

bg_31781391994869.jpgRomantic Traffic I. Monoprint. 2014

60 x 82cm


Romantic Traffic VII. Monoprint. 2014

68 x 102 cm


Romantic Traffic VI. Monoprint. 2014 71 x 102 cm

Over the weekend Gordan and I worked on a series of "Romantic Traffic" monoprints.  Gordan printed three different geese images over my variable monoprint backgrounds. Below are images from the first day of printing.


bg_31741391993539.jpgGordan touches up the screen.

bg_31751391993577.jpgI inked up a large sheet of plexiglass with the soft colourful ink backgrounds (leaving space for the geese to be screen printed over the backgrounds).


bg_31761391993939.jpgGordan pulls the monoprint backgrounds.


bg_31771391994006.jpgThen the screenprinted geese are printed over the monoprinted backgrounds.


bg_31791391995033.jpgPrint dries on the racks


In late October I began a print project with Gordan Novak at his print studio in Admiral Saskatchewan. 





Studio work space



Transfering my drawings onto mylar


The view of the prairies out the window. 

Gordan checks my work 


First silk screen ready for printing. Stay tuned......

In late August I had the pleasure of visiting Master Printer Gordan Novak at his studio in Admiral Saskatchewan. After a very exciting invitation to collaborate on a print project, I returned in September to begin the planning.


Gordan bought the old Admiral School for his print studio. Admiral has a population of 16 people.


Gordan in his studio.


I'm so excited to be working with Gordan and can't wait to see what we will create together.


The view from the studio window. Check in for more updates on the project soon.

I moved into a new slightly larger apartment to make more space to work at home. Ideally I could use more space, but working at home will make it much more easy to get art done at the end of a long work day. 




Rosemary Scalon's prints are hanging above my work desk. "Chipping Sparrows" painting in progress on the easel. 

I spent a number of days over Canada Day long weekend sweating it out in my summer studio. Over the last two weeks I have been playing around with graphite and acrylic on birch panel. Last week I transfered a number of drawings onto seven brand new shiny birch panels. I was ready to begin the new series.


This work is influenced by my drives south east to my parent's house at Thomson Lake. Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed watching the wildlife on the two hour journey. As I sped by hundreds of telephone and power lines I often catch glimses of a variety of birds; owls, sparrows, crows, magpies, and blackbirds to just to name a few. These works have grown out of that experience.


This snowy owl was an experiement to explore how graphite and acrylic works directly on the birch panels.


I had an unexpected desire to work with bright colours. The combining of constructed architectural forms and birds seemed to me to lend itself to bright colours.


This wee grackle has become part of the structure. This work is still in progress. 



Chipping Sparrows in progress


detail of Chipping Sparrows in progress

This summer I have a spacious studio in the University of Regina, Visual Arts Department, thanks to the Resident Artist program. 


Empty and full of possibilities.


Working on two things at once!


Almost finished. 


I am recycling some older works from the last decade.


I am really pleased to be using these wonderful oak frames that my Uncle Don made on new work.

The Estevan Art Gallery featured an exhibition of 2-dimensional works on paper from three earlier shows:


The Trade - Yukon Arts Centre, Yukon Canada 2011

Survival of the Fittest Part I, Whitecliffe Galleries, Auckland New Zealand 2008

Want or Need, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin New Zealand 2007


It was really wonderful to see these works together, and have the opportunity to show earlier art that hasn't been exhibited in Canada.

















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