Belinda Harrow - Artist

In January 2017 I began a series of drawings to accompany the rabbit sculptures


My home basement studio makes juggling full time work and productive studio time possible!


source photo for what will become "the Audience"

new crates for transporting the rabbits!


making good progress


framed, wrapped and ready to exhibit...busy two and a half months!


crating up "Hamilton" those delicate ears!!!


My amazing Dad!


Loaded up! Off to North Battleford, Sask.


Art delivered! tired but happy


Casting with the help of my dad at the University of Regina sculpture department


My first (and favourite) rabbit...didn't survive the mounting process sadly





I was totally thrilled to have artist Joe Fafard purchase "Rae" for his collection!


Dad helping mount the rabbits...the best studio assistant! 


Successful casts waiting for exhibition


Pop Up Downtown Regina, September 2016



I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a painting to the Mackenzie Art Gallery Gala fundraising auction


Lovely to see my painting hanging on the gallery wall.

Down the Line

Acrylic on birch

30 x 40"


Busy preparing for a show at Mosaic at Hill Tower III


varnishing finished paintings

all paintings are available through Slate Fine Art Gallery

Over the summer 2015 I took a mould making class at the University of Regina with Troy Coulterman. I learned how to make plaster and silicon moulds. The waste mould project developed into "Powder Blue" the first sculpture in the "Glancing Blows" series.


This sculpture combines a hand-made object with a piece of man-made funiture. It focuses on the competition for resources between nature and humanity.


"Powder Blue" hydrocal, wood and acrylic paint  2015
13 x 15 x 38"

starting with an armature and clay


my first time sculpting a large 3D object in clay

Dividing the clay model with aluminum, into what will become a 5 part mould

The clay object is then covered in plaster (first layer tinted to help when removing the cast object). 

After a number of layers are set it is broken apart and clay and armature are removed.


Then the pieces are put back together and sealed with more plaster - then hydrocal is poured in


The waste mould is chipped away (destroyed)revealing the hydro-cal positve, a one of a kind. 



Completed sculpture.

Installed work at "Function to Fantasy" at Slate Gallery September 2015 in Regina, SK



painting the edging on the flamingo painting

last photo in old apartment studio

new studio in new house!!!! horray!


staining the peacock background

peahen coming along


Small acrylic paintings on birch produced over 2013/14.

Yellow-headed Black Bird. Acrylic on birch. 30.5 x 22.5 cm

Private collection

Tree Swallow. Acrylic on birch. 30.5 x 22.5 cm


Private Collection

Meadowlark. Acrylic on birch. 30.5 x 22.5 cm


Private Collection

Grackle I. Acrylic on birch. 35.5 x 28 cm


Private Collection

Grackle II. Acrylic on birch. 35.5 x 28 cm


Private Collection

Blue Jay I. Acrylic on birch. 30.5 x 30.5 cm


Blue Jay II. Acrylic on birch. 30.5x 30.5 cm


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